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Amazing beard

First shirtless run with my buddy! :) I’ve never felt so free !!

This boy is the puppy whisperer :) the fell asleep on my boots and the shy runt fell asleep in my arms !

Nothing’s cuter than a fuzzy guy holding a kitten

Looking good man

my face is a mess :3 but I love my new tat!! 

I wish I had a cock this big or had one at all -___- and had a decent body like this !!

If you know what this is from you had a good childhood ! New addition and has special meaning to me :)

goal for abs is right here!!

My baby ! Colt 22 single action ! Great condition ! Passed down from my dad from his grandfather !

Showered and feeling clean after yard work .. I need to study for school but I kinda don’t want to .. I’d rather go to the gun range or hiking but sucks doing everything alone !

I would love to have this truck !


really wish summer was here already

Miss this!

Awwh best of both worlds