Please pick 1 post size.

trying to be more body positive i dont like what i have down there but i just need to accept it for now

cowboy up ;)


anything :) GO

Assuming you treat a pet snake very well, would there still be a chance of it hurting you? As in, do they have loyalty? I just thought this was interesting because I saw you mention that snakes don't experience intelligence and affection they way mammals do. Sorry to bother you!


Snakes don’t really have a concept of loyalty, no. If you harass or startle your pet snake, however tame it may be, there’s always a chance it could bite.

A snake won’t bite unless it feels threatened (although there’s a chance it may bite in a feeding mishap), so if you treat your snake well and it’s used to being handled you shouldn’t see this problem anyway.

what is your input on if they posses a personality?


Thank God I’m a Country Boy

i cant wait till i can get a horse again


Swag Saturday.

it would be nice if my body looked like this under a wet shirt

secretariat <3

dick shot ;) 

you're so hot it hurts me

thank you haha , i am sure there are other biological men out there who are hotter than me

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i want bruce lee’s body, his body is my goal